Respect your time

Entrust the road transport matters to experts!

Do you produce, trade or provide services and want to deliver them in Europe? Sounds like a job for us! We are a forwarding company specializing in international road transport.


Most often, experience is associated with the time spent in the industry. According to Malcolm Gladwell’s method, it is necessary to work 10.000 hours in a given field to achieve the expert level – this condition is met by each of our employees.

The second important element of experience is its quality. In turn, quality is influenced by the basics, so the more solid the foundations, the better. In the transport industry, carriers – the companies where we can see what different means of transport look like and where we converse with the drivers – are the foundation . To put it simply, we can experience what transport looks like from the inside. Working for a carrier gives a solid foundation – and that is where CARGORIZE comes from.


Like the currency exchange rates, shipping rates change daily. Many factors have an impact on the transport rate, but one of the main ones will be the supply of cargo space – the amount of means of transport available at a given place and time. At CARGORIZE, we have moved away from rigid tariffs and rely on the current market rates, thanks to which we can create competitive offers.

The choice of the means of transport often seems obvious. However, in many cases the choice of another vehicle may have a positive effect on the safety of the cargo (e.g. avoiding reloading), or obtaining a better price offer, especially in the case of partial loads transported collectively as full truck loads.

In other words – by selecting the means of transport, we increase the safety of cargo and optimize the cost of the service.