Organization of road transport

From Italy to Norway, from Germany to Bulgaria, from Ukraine to France, furniture from Poland, tiles from Spain, wines from France.

We organize transports on these and similar routes and we also deal with many other goods on a daily basis.

Simple and transparent road transport organization process

Submission of an inquiry by the customer

Together – with the client – we define the basic requirements for the road transport:

  • the date of loading and unloading the cargo
  • the location of loading and unloading the cargo
  • type, weight, size and quantity of transported goods
  • other requirements

Choosing the means of transport

Based on the inquiry, we select the optimal type (and number) of the means of transport:

  • a van (‘sprinter’ vehicle)
  • an up to 12t truck
  • an up to 24t truck
  • a platform trailer
  • a refrigerator truck
  • other

Choosing a carrier

At this stage, we verify:

  • business history/opinions
  • licenses, insurance policies, permits
  • the equipment of the selected means of transport
  • the availability of the means of transport at a given time

Goods pickup

  • we arrange the pickup details with the shipper
  • we take care of the collection date

Road transport monitoring

we arrange the pickup details with the shipper:

  • we make sure the reception date is met
  • we observe local regulations (such as driving restrictions or holidays)
  • we constantly check drivers’ working hours in terms of their punctuality

Delivery services

  • we arrange delivery details with the recipient
  • we make sure the delivery date is met

Who are our carriers?

We rely on authorized carriers only and we work with many on a regular basis. Before starting cooperation we verify them via formal terms – licenses, policies and permits. We also consult other clients and, if necessary, insurance institutions regarding the carriers’ reliability.

Will your cargo be safe with us?

Our services are insured for a total amount of €500,000.00 and cover shipments all over Europe. Additionally, each carrier completing an order for us must have insurance for at least €100,000.00 and the ability to track the vehicle using the GPS satellite system.